The construction market is a primary user of The Solutions services.

We work alongside some of the biggest construction companies across the United Arab Emirates, and that’s because the construction industry has quickly learned that they can benefit greatly from The solution services, as we are often called upon during the final phases of a construction project.

During the final phase of building work, with hand-over deadlines looming, there is inevitably a heightened risk of accidental damage to walls, doors, floors and fittings. Even the most minor of chip or scratch will be noticeable in a new or refurbished property and any imperfections must be effectively repaired. However getting the damage repaired can turn out to be a very expensive endeavor due to the costs of replacement, if you also factor in the disruption, the time required and possibility of damaging something else in the process, you are left with an extremely inconvenient and expensive solution.

The ability of The Solution technicians to repair damage on all types of substrates, carefully re-creating shape, color, pattern and finish, helping building contractors to complete projects on time and to the required standard. We have developed a range of techniques to meet all repair requirements.