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Disinfection: Up to 5 years active!!!

Disinfection services

Not all companies have the right tools to stop the spread of disease or the technology to ensure each surface is treated with attention and care. The Solution makes use of advanced technology to effectively and efficiently disinfect even the most hard-to-reach surfaces. We use electrostatic disinfection technology, a tool used to apply disinfectants, mold preventatives and sanitizers to 3D surfaces for a 360-degree complete clean.

Our coating is based on a disruptive technology that is specifically engineered to fight harmful microbes (micro-organisms). When CleanCoat™ is applied to surfaces they become self-disinfecting and decompose microbes such as bacteria, viruses, airborne mold spores and chemical compounds like VOCs.

The coating is transparent and odorless and can be applied to all surfaces. Once exposed to light, it starts a photocatalytic reaction that decomposes microbes and purifies the air.

Our coating is approved for use on all surfaces including surfaces with direct food contact and has a non-rinse claim.

Our specialized coating is activated by any kind of light, the coating only needs 2 hours of light a day in order to be active 24/7. Once the coating is active it creates free radicals which are active within 1mm of the coated surface. These free radicals breaks down micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses & organic chemical compounds. What this means is that the coated surface become self-disinfecting and actively disinfect themselves day and night. Therefore, the need to constantly make use of disinfectants to clean every surfaces which has been touched by an employee or clients becomes redundant. If a surface has been touched by someone then the coating will make sure that every micro-organism (bacteria or virus) the person has put on that surface by touching it, will be killed within 5 to 10 minutes.

Our coating has passed several scientific tests, including 24 European norm tests. All these tests have been conducted by multiple recognized laboratories worldwide.