Shopping areas, particularly displays need to look as good as new to help provide a quality shopping experience and showcase products at their best. Other areas particularly flooring or food preparation will have health & safety and hygiene considerations.

Whatever the decorative or structural finish, from shop windows to washroom areas and all in-between, The Solution can repair, renew or restore any hard surface to help maintain a safe, smart and impressive environment.

Our services are particularly helpful during the post-build snagging period, addressing the inevitable items of surface damage that may have occurred the final fit phase. Our technicians are very familiar with the demands and requirements of developers as projects near hand-over.

But our services are also applicable to on-going maintenance of retail units and shopping centres, where high footfall can be the cause of periodic surface damage. Typical damage problems that The Solution can effectively rectify are:

  • Repairing cracked and chipped floor tiles – vinyl, terrazzo, ceramic, stone.
  • Repairing cracks in ceramic wall tiles
  • Removal of scratches to wood and laminate floors
  • Refurbishing worn or damaged countertops and retail furniture
  • Repair of dents to plaster walls
  • Refurbishment of aluminum barriers, bollards and window frames
  • Reinstatement of holes, chips and scratches to sanitary ware.
  • Removing scratches from glazed shop fronts and other glass surfaces

The Solution has a solution to permanently rectifying damage to all types of surfaces, including granite, marble and laminates.

Our specialist glass renovation team is equipped to repair cracks and chips to shop fronts and glazed surfaces

Don’t replace it! Restore it!