Our homes are often our biggest investment – over time family wear and tear or accidents cause damage, taking the shine off our property.  Costly replacements can be avoided by using The Solution.

Whether due to normal wear and tear or an accident, damage to fixtures and fittings can spoil your home. Our technicians work cleanly and with respect to restoring your valuable items to a pristine finish – you won’t spot the difference.

  • Cracks and drill holes removed from ceramic tiles
  • Chips, stains and scorch marks removed from worktops and kitchen units
  • Dents and chipped edges to laminate and wooden floors repaired
  • Damage such as chips, dents, holes and scratches removed from baths, basins, shower trays
  • Damage to uPVC window frames
  • Broken, cracked mantlepieces and hearths re-instated

Repairing damage surfaces is often more economic than replacement, particularly when the cost of delivery and installation is taken into account. It is far more convenient also, with our mobile repair technicians available across the country to swiftly carry out repairs in your home.